Victor Lord
Ernest Graves
Ernest Graves as Victor Lord
One Life to Live
Portrayed by: Ernest Graves (1968-1974)
Shepperd Strudwick (1974-1976)
Les Tremayne (1987)
Bill Moor (1995)
William Stone Mahoney (2003 & 2004)
Duration: 1968–1976, 1985, 1987, 1995, 2003 &
First appearance: July 16, 1968
Last appearance: May 19, 2004
Cause/reason: Death
Created by: Agnes Nixon
Family: Lord family
Full name: Victor Darby Lord Sr.
Gender: Male
Born: June 17, 1916
Died: February 27, 2003
Cause of death: Heart failure
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Llanview, Pennsylvania
Parents: Unknown man
(father, deceased)
Unknown woman
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Powell Lord I
(brother, deceased)
Gwendolyn Lord
(sister, deceased)
Marital status: Single; at death
Past marriage(s): Eugenia Randolph
(dissolved) [19??-1950]
Irene Manning
(divorced, deceased) [19??-19??]
Dorian Cramer
(divorced) [1975-1976]
Children: Anthony "Tony" Lord
(son, with Dorothy, deceased)
Victoria "Viki" Lord
(daughter, with Eugenia)
Meredith Lord
(daughter, with Eugenia, deceased)
Tina Lord
(daughter, with Irene)
Thomas "Todd" Manning
(son, with Irene; twin) {given up for adoption}
Victor Lord Jr.
(son, with Irene; twin)
Grandchildren: Brian Kendall
(grandson, via Tony, deceased)
Megan Gordon
(granddaughter, via Viki, deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Sr.
(grandson, via Viki)
Joseph "Joey" Buchanan
(grandson, via Viki)
Jessica Buchanan
(granddaughter, via Viki)
Natalie Buchanan
(granddaughter, via Viki)
Daniel "Dan" Wolek
(grandson, via Meredith)
Clinton "C.J." Roberts
(grandson, via Tina)
Sarah Roberts
(granddaughter, via Tina)
Starr Manning
(granddaughter, via Todd)
Danielle "Dani" Manning
(granddaughter, via Todd)
John "Jack" Manning
(grandson, via Todd)
Samuel "Sam" Manning
(grandson, via Victor)
Victor Lord III
(grandson, via Victor, deceased)
Great-grandchildren: Demerest "Duke" Buchanan
(great-grandson, via Kevin, deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr.
(great-grandson, via Kevin, deceased)
Megan Rappaport
(great-granddaughter, via Jessica, deceased)
Bree Brennan
(great-granddaughter, via Jessica)
Chloe Brennan
(great-granddaughter, via Jessica, deceased)
Ryder Ford
(great-grandson, via Jessica)
Liam McBain
(great-grandson, via Natalie)
Hope Manning-Thornhart
(great-granddaughter, via Starr, deceased)
Zane Buchanan
(great-great-grandson, via Duke)
Nieces & nephews: Powell Lord II
(nephew, deceased)
Richard Abbott
Powell Lord III
(great-nephew, deceased)
Romances: Dorothy Randolph
(lovers; 1945, deceased)
Victoria "Viki" Lord
(raped; 19??-19??)
Irene Manning
(affair/lovers; 19??-19??, deceased)
Victor Lord Sr. was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

Actor History:Edit

  • Ernest Graves (07/1968-03/1974)
  • Shepperd Strudwick (12/1974-06/1976)
  • Les Tremayne (1987)
  • Bill Moor (1995)
  • William Stone Mahoney (01/2003-02/2003 & 05/2004)

Other Information:Edit

  • Presumed June 16, 1976 to January 4, 2003

Character History:Edit

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