Victor Jerome
Jack Axelrod
Jack Axelrod as Victor Jerome
General Hospital
Portrayed by: Jack Axelrod
Duration: 1987-1989
First appearance: April 27, 1987
Last appearance: October 20, 1989
Cause/reason: Death
Created by: Ann Marcus
Norma Monty
Family: Jerome family
Gender: Male
Born: November 18, 1928
Died: October 20, 1989
Cause of death: Chocked on a necklace
Occupation: Mobster
Residence: Port Charles, New York
Parents: Unknown man
(father, deceased)
Unknown woman
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: None/unknown
Marital status: Single; at death
Past marriage(s): Unknown woman
(dissolved) [19??-19??]
Children: Dino Antoinelli
(son, with Dimitra, deceased)
Evan Jerome Sr.
(son, with Unknown woman, deceased)
Olivia Jerome
(daughter, with Unknown woman)
Julian Jerome
(son, with Unknown woman)
Ava Jerome
(daughter, with Delia) {given up for adoption}
Grandchildren: Evan Jerome Jr.
(grandson, via Evan, deceased)
Samantha "Sam" McCall
(granddaughter, via Julian)
Lucas Jones
(grandson, via Julian)
Leonardo "Leo" Falconeri
(grandson, via Julian)
Lauren "Kiki" Jerome
(granddaughter, via Ava, deceased)
Avery Corinthos
(granddaughter, via Ava)
Great-grandchildren: Lila McCall
(great-granddaughter, via Sam, deceased)
Daniel "Danny" Morgan
(great-grandson, via Sam)
Emily "Scout" Cain
(great-granddaughter, via Sam)
Wiley Cooper-Jones
(adopted great-grandson, via Lucas, deceased)
Romances: Dimitra Antoinelli
(lovers; 19??-19??, deceased)
Delia Reid
(lovers; 1970)
Lucille "Lucy" Coe
(dated; 1989)
Victor Jerome was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Actor History:Edit

  • Jack Axelrod (04/1987-10/1989)

Character History:Edit

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