Port Charles (PC) was set in the fictional town of Port Charles, New York and is a spin-off of General Hospital.

Show Information:Edit

  • Debut: June 2, 1997
  • Ended: October 3, 2003
  • Head Writer(s): James Harmon Brown & Barbara Esensten
  • Executive Producer(s): Julian Hanan Carruthers

Final Cast (as of October 2003):Edit


Actor: Character: Duration:
Joy Bisco Casey Leong 2002-2003
Ian Buchanan Joshua Temple 2002-2003
Michael Easton Caleb Morley 2001 & 2002-2003
Kiko Ellsworth Jamal Woods 2000-2003
Brian Gaskill Rafael "Rafe" Kovich 2001-2003
Lynn Herring Lucy Coe Collins 1997-2003
Erin Hershey Presley Alison Barrington Kovich 2000-2003
Thorsten Kaye Ian Thornhart 2000-2003
Jon Lindstrom Kevin Collins 1997-2003
Eddie Matos Ricardo "Ricky" Garza 2001-2003
Kelly Monaco Olivia "Livvie" Locke Morley 1999-2003
Nolan North Christopher "Chris" Ramsey 1997-2003
Jay Pickett Francis "Frank" Scanlon Jr. 1997-2003
Brian Presley Jack Ramsey 1999-2003
Carly Schroeder Serena Baldwin 1997-2003
Rebecca Staab Elizabeth Barrington 2002-2003


Actor: Character: Duration:
Jed Allan Edward "Ed" Grant 2001-2003
Susan Brown Gail Baldwin 1997-1999 & 2003
Patricia Crowley Mary Scanlon Collins 1997-2003
Tori Falcon Alison Hebrart 2003
Laura Nevell Brenda Madison 2002-2003
Nicholas Pryor Victor Collins 1997-2003
Sally Spaide Doreen Luccio 2002-2003
Shannon Sturges Katherine "Kate" Reynolds 2002-2003
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