Maxie Jones
Kirsten Storms
Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones
General Hospital
Portrayed by: Chelsey & Kahley Cuff (1990-1991)
Ashley & Jessica Clark (1992)
Elaine & Melanie Silver (1992-1993)
Robyn Richards (1993-2002 & 2002-2004)
Danica Stewart (2002)
Kristen Storms (2005-2011 & 2012-)
Jen Lilley (2011-2012)
Molly Burnett (2016; temp)
Duration: 1990-2004 & 2005-
First appearance: October 31, 1990
Created by: Gene Palumbo
Family: Cummings family
Jones family
Ramirez family
Gender: Female
Born: October 31, 1986
(originally October 31, 1990)
Occupation: Executive fashion editor of Crimson
Residence: Winslow Garden Apts.
114 Clover Avenue, #68
Port Charles, New York
Parents: Andrew "Frisco" Jones Jr.
Felicia Cummings
Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio
Siblings: Georgianna "Georgie" Jones
(sister, deceased)
Marital status: Peter August
(dating) [07/2019-]
Past marriage(s): Matthew "Matt" Hunter
(divorced) [2012]
James "Nathan" West
(dissolved) [2017-2018]
Children: Georgianna "Georgie" Spinelli
(daughter, with Damian)
James West
(son, with Nathan)
Unnamed child
(with Peter) {currently expecting}
Grandparents: Andrew Jones Sr.
(paternal, deceased)
Cindy Jones
(paternal, deceased)
Peter Cummings
(maternal, deceased)
Bertha Ramirez
(maternal, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Anthony "Tony" Jones
(paternal, deceased)
Cousins: Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones
(paternal, deceased)
Lucas Jones
(paternal; adopted)
Other relatives: Wiley Cooper-Jones
(paternal; adopted, deceased)
Romances: Lucas Jones
(dated; 2003)
Kyle Ratcliffe
(lovers; 2003, deceased)
Jesse Beaudry
(lovers; 2006, deceased)
Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer Jr.
(affair/lovers; 2006)
Cooper "Coop" Barrett
(lovers; 2007, deceased)
Logan Hayes
(affair/one night stand; 2007, deceased)
Cooper "Coop" Barrett
(dated; 2007-2008, deceased)
Damian Spinelli
(lovers; 2008)
Damian Spinelli
(dated/engaged; 2008-2010)
Franco Baldwin
(affair/one night stand; 2009)
Matthew "Matt" Hunter
(lovers; 2010-2012)
Damian Spinelli
(affair/one night stand; 2013)
Peter Harrell Jr.
(dated/engaged; 2014, deceased)
James "Nathan" West
(dated; 2015, deceased)
Damian Spinelli
(dated; 2015)
James "Nathan" West
(dated/engaged; 2015-2017, deceased)
Peter August
(dating; 2019-)
Mariah Maxmilliana "Maxie" Jones (formerly Hunter & West) is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

Actress History:Edit

  • Chelsey & Kahley Cuff (10/1990-12/1991; recurring)
  • Ashley & Jessica Clark (01/1992-11/1992; recurring)
  • Elaine & Melanie Silver (12/1992-09/1993; recurring)
  • Robyn Richards (10/1993-02/2002; recurring & 02/2002-07/2004; contract)
  • Danica Stewart (03/2002-07/2002)
  • Kirsten Storms (05/2005-09/2011 & 09/2012-present)
  • Jen Lilley (09/2011-08/2012; recurring)

Character History:Edit

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