Lucy Coe
Lynn Herring
Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe
General Hospital
Port Charles
Portrayed by: Lynn Herring
Duration: 1985-1991, 1993-1997, 2004 & 2012- (GH)
1997-2003 (PC)
First appearance: April 11, 1986 (GH)
June 1, 1997 (PC)
Last appearance: October 3, 2003 (PC)
Created by: Anne Howard Bailey
Family: Mopler family
Moss family
Gender: Female
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Residence: Metro Court Hotel
1420 Quartz Lane, Ste 917
Port Charles, New York
Parents: Samuel Moss
(father, deceased)
Bessie Mopler
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: None/unknown
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Anthony "Tony" Jones
(divorced, deceased) [1989-1990]
Alan Quartermaine Sr.
(divorced, deceased) [1990-1991]
Rex Stanton
(divorced) [1998]
Scott Baldwin
(divorced) [1999-2000]
Kevin Collins
(divorced) [2001-2002]
Kevin Collins
(divorced) [2004-2014]
Children: Unnamed child
(with Jake, deceased)
Unnamed child
(son, with Scott, deceased)
Serena Baldwin
(adopted daughter, with Scott)
Unnamed child
(with Kevin, deceased)
Christina Baldwin
(adopted daughter, with Scott)
Grandparents: Ernest Moss
(paternal, deceased)
Cora Moss
(paternal, deceased)
Oscar Mopler
(maternal, deceased)
Ethel Mopler
(maternal, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Unknown woman
(paternal, deceased)
Charlene Mopler
(maternal, deceased)
Cousins: Rafael "Rafe" Kovich Sr.
(paternal, deceased)
Decker Moss
Colton Shore
Romances: Patrick O'Connor
(dated; 1985)
Jacob "Jake" Meyer
(affair/one night stand; 1987)
Victor Jerome
(dated; 1989, deceased)
Scott Baldwin
(affair/lovers; 1989)
Alan Quartermaine Sr.
(affair/lovers; 1990, deceased)
Damian Smith
(lovers; 1991-1992, deceased)
Kevin Collins
(dated/engaged; 1994-1995)
Gregory "Greg" Bennett
(lovers; 1996)
Kevin Collins
(dated/engaged; 1996-1998)
Kevin Collins
(affair/one night stand; 2000)
Ian Thornhart
(affair/lovers; 2002)
Scott Baldwin
(affair/lovers; 2014)
Duke Lavery
(dated; 2015, deceased)
Scott Baldwin
(lovers; 2016)
Lucille "Lucy" Coe (formerly Jones, Quartermaine, Stanton, Baldwin & Collins) is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap operas General Hospital and Port Charles.

Actress History:Edit

  • Lynn Herring (GH: 1985-1991 & 1993-1997; contract & 07/2004 & 12/2012-present; recurring & PC: 06/1997-10/2003)

Character History:Edit

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