Hope Manning-Thornhart
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One Life to Live
General Hospital
Portrayed by: Madeline, Molly & Tess Sullivan (2008-2012)
Shiloh Nelson (2012)
Caitlyn Buton (2012)
Duration: 2008-2012 (OLTL)
2012 (GH)
First appearance: November 6, 2008 (OLTL)
February 24, 2012 (GH)
Last appearance: January 13, 2012 (OLTL)
June 21, 2012 (GH)
Cause/reason: Appeared as a vision to Johnny Zacchara
Created by: Ron Carlivati
Family: Cramer family
Lord family
Manning family
Saybrooke family
Thornhart family
Other names: Hope McBain (former adoptive name)
Chloe Brennan [1]
Gender: Female
Born: November 6, 2008
Died: February 28, 2012
Cause of death: Car explosion
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Parents: Colton "Cole" Thornhart
(father, deceased)
Starr Manning
Siblings: None/unknown
Grandparents: Patrick Thornhart
Margaret "Marty" Saybrooke
Thomas "Todd" Manning
Blair Cramer
Great-grandparents: David Saybrooke
(paternal, deceased)
Samantha Saybrooke
(paternal, deceased)
Victor Lord Sr.
(maternal, deceased)
Irene Manning
(maternal, deceased)
Unknown man
Agatha "Addie" Cramer
Aunts & uncles: Brendan Thornhart
(paternal/maternal, deceased)
Danielle "Dani" Manning
John "Jack" Manning
Samuel "Sam" Manning
(maternal; adopted)

Hope Manning-Thornhart was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap operas One Life to Live and General Hospital.

Actress History:Edit

  • Madeline, Molly & Tess Sullivan (OLTL: 11/2008-01/2012; recurring)
  • Shiloh Nelson (GH: 02/2012; recurring)
  • Caitlyn Buton (GH: 02/2012; recurring)

Character History:Edit


  1. Name when believed to be Jessica Buchanan's child.
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