David Hayward
Vincent Irizarry
Vincent Irizarry as David Hayward
All My Children
One Life to Live
Portrayed by: Vincent Irizarry
Duration: 1997-1998, 1998-2006, 2008-2011 & 2013 (AMC)
2005 (OLTL)
First appearance: November 27, 1997 (AMC)
February 17, 2005 (OLTL)
Last appearance: September 2, 2013 (AMC)
February 21, 2005 (OLTL)
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Lorraine Broderick
Family: Bennett family
Hayward family
Gender: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Residence: Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents: Charles Hayward
(father, deceased)
Vanessa Bennett
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Leonado "Leo" du Pres
(maternal half-brother, deceased)
Benjamin "Trey" Shephard
(maternal half-brother)
Marital status: Single
Past marriage(s): Anna Devane
(divorced) [2002-2003]
Krystal Carey
(divorced) [2009]
Greenlee Smythe
(divorced) [2010-2011]
Children: Arabella "Babe" Carey
(daughter, with Krystal; twin, deceased)
Marissa Tasker
(daughter, with Krystal; twin, deceased) {given up for adoption}
Leora Hayward
(daughter, with Anna, deceased)
Unnamed child
(with Krystal, deceased)
Oliver Castillo
(son, with Cara)
Grandchildren: Adam "A.J." Chandler III
(grandson, via Babe/adopted grandson, via Marissa)
Aunts & uncles: Gwyneth Bennett
Cousins: Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone
(maternal, deceased)
Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone
Romances: Buffy Sinclair
(dated; 19??)
Siobhan Ewing
(dated; 19??)
Krystal Carey
(one night stand; 1982)
Alison "Allie" Doyle
(dated; 1997)
Leslie Coulson
(dated; 1997)
Gillian Andrassy
(affair/lovers; 1997, deceased)
Erica Kane
(dated/engaged; 1999-2001)
Dixie Cooney
(affair/lovers; 2001)
Anna Devane
(lovers; 2002)
Julia Santos
(one night stand; 2005, deceased)
Amanda Dillon
(one night stand; 2008)
Krystal Carey
(affair/lovers; 2009)
Amanda Dillon
(affair/one night stand; 2010)
Liza Colby
(lovers; 2010)
Jane Campbell
(dated/engaged; 2011)
Carolyn "Cara" Castillo
(affair/one night stand; 2011)
Colby Chandler
(lovers; 2013)
Dr. David Hayward is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live.

Actor History:Edit

  • Vincent Irizarry (AMC: 11/1997-02/1998, 07/1998-11/2006, 10/2008-09/2011 & 04/2013-09/2013 & OLTL: 02/2005; recurring)

Other Information:Edit

  • Presumed deceased September 6, 2010 to November 22, 2010

Character History:Edit

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