Daniel Wolek
Steven Culp
Steven Culp as Daniel Wolek
One Life to Live
Portrayed by: Neail Holland (1974-1976)
Eddie Moran (1976-1979)
Timothy Owen Waldrip (1983 & 1985)
Steven Culp (1983-1984)
Ted Demers (1984)
Joshua Cox (1986-1987)
Michael Palance (1989-1991)
Duration: 1971-1979, 1983-1987 & 1989-1991
First appearance: November 17, 1971
Last appearance: August 1991
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: Agnes Nixon
Paul Roberts
Don Wallace
Family: Lord family
Randolph family
Wolek family
Gender: Male
Born: November 17, 1966
(originally November 17, 1971)
Occupation: Doctor
Residence: Unknown
Parents: Lawrene "Larry" Wolek
Meredith Lord
(mother, deceased)
Siblings: Unnamed
(sister; twin, deceased)
Marital status: Single
Grandparents: Victor Lord Sr.
(maternal, deceased)
Eugenia Randolph
(maternal, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Anna Wolek
Vince "Vinnie" Wolek
(paternal, deceased)
Anthony "Tony" Lord
(maternal, deceased)
Victoria "Viki" Lord
Tina Lord
Thomas "Todd" Manning
Victor Lord Jr.
Cousins: Brian Kendall
(maternal, deceased)
Megan Gordon
(maternal, deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Sr.
Joseph "Joey" Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan
Natalie Buchanan
Clinton "C.J." Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Starr Manning
Danielle "Dani" Manning
John "Jack" Manning
Samuel "Sam" Manning
Victor Lord III
(maternal, deceased)
Other relatives: Demerest "Duke" Buchanan
(maternal, deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr.
(maternal, deceased)
Megan Rappaport
(maternal, deceased)
Bree Brennan
Chloe Brennan
(maternal, deceased)
Ryder Ford
Liam McBain
Hope Manning-Thornhart
(maternal, deceased)
Zane Buchanan
Romances: Allison Perkins
(dated; 1986)
Brenda McGillis
(dated; 1986-1987)
Andrea "Andy" Harrison
(dated; 1990)
Laura Jean Ellis
(dated; 1990-1991)
Dr. Daniel "Dan" Wolek is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

Actor History:Edit

  • Neail Holland (1974-1976; recurring)
  • Eddie Moran (1976-1979; recurring)
  • Timothy Owen Waldrip (02/1983-06/1983 & 01/1985; recurring)
  • Steven Culp (06/1983-01/1984)
  • Ted Demers (01/1984-10/1984)
  • Joshua Cox (08/1986-07/1987)
  • Michael Palance (06/1989-08/1991)

Character History:Edit

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