Cristian Vega
David Fumero as Cristian Vega
One Life to Live
Portrayed by: Yorlin Madera (1995-1998)
David Fumero (1998-2003, 2004-2005 &

Duration: 1995-2003 & 2004-2005 & 2005-2011
First appearance: May 1995
Last appearance: September 8, 2011
Cause/reason: Left town
Created by: Michael Malone
Family: Vega family
Gender: Male
Born: November 4, 1976
Occupation: Art Teacher
Residence: Barcelona, Spain
Parents: Diego Vega
(father, deceased)
Carlotta Espinoza
Siblings: Antonio Vega
(adopted brother)
Marital status: Erin
(dating; 2011-)
Past marriage(s): Roseanne Delgado
(annulled) [2000]
Natalie Buchanan
(divorced) [2003-2005]
Vanessa Montez
(annulled) [2008-2009]
Aunts & uncles: Manuel Santi
(maternal, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Jamie Vega
Cousins: Antonio Vega
Augustico "Tico" Santi
(maternal, deceased)
Sonia Toledo
(maternal; adoptive)
Other relatives: Antonio Vega
Jamie Vega
Romances: Jessica Buchanan
(dated; 1996-1998)
Roseanne Delgado
(affair/one night stand; 2000)
Jessica Buchanan
(dated/engaged; 1999-2000)
Jessica Buchanan
(dated/engaged; 2000)
Jennifer "Jen" Rappaport
(lovers; 2002, deceased)
Natalie Buchanan
(dated/engaged; 2003-2004)
Evangeline Williamson
(lovers; 2005-2006, deceased)
Blair Cramer
(one night stand; 2007)
Sarah Roberts
(dated; 2007-2008)
Layla Williamson
(dated; 2009-2010)
(dating; 2011-)
Cristian Vega is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

Actor History:Edit

  • Yorlin Madera (05/1995-01/1998)
  • David Fumero (06/1998-10/2003, 11/2004-02/2005 & 09/2005-09/2011)

Other Information:Edit

  • Presumed deceased October 28, 2003 to February 14, 2005

Character History:Edit

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