• Maplechild91


    January 24, 2013 by Maplechild91

    Hello All

    I am a fan of AMC, GH, and OLTL and have been part of the GH wiki and wanted to see if there was a successful wikia for AMC/OLTL and found like 6-8 wikias.  Some of them are up and running and some are underdeveloped.

    I found out there is more than I originally thought there would be

    • Step A
      • ABC Daytime wikia 2
      • ABC Daytime wikia Two
      • General Hospital wikia (without a hyphen)
    • Step B
      • ABC Daytime wikia (with a hyphen)
      • ABC Daytime wikia (without a hypen) - THIS ONE
    • Step C (maybe)
      • AMC wikia
      • OLTL wikia

    There might be more, but we should merge these wikias together to a start an unified effort and not be scattered around six or seven wikias.

    I figured merging would help us to better make a complete wikia and not have 6 underdeveloped and 1 semi-success…

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